Employment Assistance

The Employment Assistance Services is designed to address the employment and/or pre-employment needs of the individuals who are or have been involved in the criminal justice system

It is the only service in the province of PEI to specifically target the employment needs of the offender. Effective assessment of offender’s skills and needs enable the full range of problems experienced by each individual to be understood and the intervention to be tailored to their needs. The service will interview and assess referrals on an on-going basis to identify individual shortcomings to employability.


Upon identifying the barriers, the individual and staff will jointly develop a Return to Work Action Plan (RTWAP) to address the areas of need using intervention offered by the program, this could include:


Human relationship skills:

Self-esteem, communications, assertiveness and the ability to establish a support system, and work with others


Self-management skills:

Problem solving, decision- making, appearance, and the ability to recognize limits, manage addictions, time, stress, anger and money


Planning and goal-setting skills:

The ability to set realistic employment goals, try new things, accept setbacks and adaptability


Employment skills:

Basic skills, job-specific skills, a positive work attitude, independence, initiative, dependability, commitment and the ability to recognize personal strengths


Job search skills:

Preparation for the job search, job interview skills, and the ability to identify and understand the job


Other Services Offered Include:
  • Resume Building
  • Portfolio Creation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Job Searching and Job Search Skill Development
  • Development and Implementation of a Return to Work Action Plan (RTWAP)
  • Employment Preparation Program Referrals
  • Case Management Services

Who Can Participate?

The Employment Assistance Services is offered to those individuals who are or have been or at imminent risk of becoming involved with the Criminal Justice system.

Download a client referral form for Employment Assistance Services here

Service Contact

Tanner MacLean

Outreach Worker | Ext: 114

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