Coordinated Access

Coordinated Access Overview

Coordinated Access is a structured and fair method for allocating and managing housing resources for homeless individuals in a community. The goals of Coordinated Access include achieving accurate matches, enhancing community collaboration, maximizing housing success, and connecting clients to support and housing. It is employed for its equity, accuracy, efficiency, accountability, and proven effectiveness in reducing homelessness in other communities.

How does it Work?
  • Enroll all homeless individuals in the community into the Homelessness Individual and Families Information System (HIFIS) database to create a pool of candidates for the By-Name List.
  • Assessing each individual’s level of need using a Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (SPDAT) assessment to determine the most suitable types of support.
  • Applying prioritization criteria from the By-Name List prioritization matrix to categorize individuals based on their priority.
  • Making a match and providing a referral to the selected housing opportunity.
Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (SPDAT)

An assessment tool for frontline workers at agencies who work with homeless individuals to prioritize which individuals should receive assistance first. To learn more and access SPDAT resources, please click the link below.


Data Source: HIFIS 01/12/2023 | Dashboard data updated bi-weekly

Coordinated Access Partner Organizations