Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (SPDAT)

The Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool (SPDAT) is an assessment tool for frontline workers at agencies who work with homeless individuals to prioritize which individuals should receive assistance first. It is a multi-purpose housing-based assessment designed to measure an individual’s acuity (level of need).

How does it work?

It provides an opportunity for service providers to ask questions and gather information across 15 life areas to better understand how those areas are currently and could impact housing and homelessness in the future.

Who is it used for?

It is beneficial for a wide range of different individuals in various situations, but its primary focus is to support service providers in determining the current needs of the individuals they are supporting with housing and homelessness. It is a vital tool for case management and is frequently incorporated into the Coordinated Access (homelessness) system within communities, including PEI.

Types of  SPDAT tools

There is a suite of tools available created by Orgcode Consulting Inc. designed for adults, youth, and families. In addition to the SPDAT, there is also a VI-SPDAT (Vulnerability Index-Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool) that is considered a screening tool, not an assessment. It can be used for triaging an individual’s needs more rapidly and is suitable in certain environments but lacks the accuracy and depth of the SPDAT assessment.


Anyone conducting a SPDAT assessment is required to complete training prior to doing so from a certified trainer. Training is also highly recommended for conducting a VI-SPDAT, however, it is not mandatory.


For more information or to access the SPDAT resources, please contact Josh Constantinou by email at

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